Friday, October 16, 2009

Herbal Advent Wreath

I was online the other day looking for some herbs that are hard to find, and ended up finding Blossom Farms' website. They sell herbs for Advent wreaths! Their list of the symbolism of each herb was so meaningful, I had to share it with you. I love wreaths, and we put one up every holiday season. In a few weeks, I am going to be posting my tutorial for making an advent wreath... So get your supplies soon! ~Can you tell I am getting very excited??!!

There are many legends about herbs and the roles they played in the Christmas story.
The wreath circle stands for eternity, the following is an explanation of herbs often found in an advent  wreath:
  • Juniper, cedar and pine protected the Holy Family on their flight from Egypt.
  • Ivy denotes the trinity.
  • Lavender represents purity and virtue, Lavender is said to have received its lovely scent when it served as the drying rack for the Baby Jesus' swaddling clothes
  • Sage stands for immortality.
  • Horehound is a wish for good health.
  • Rue is a symbol or virtue and banishes evil.
  • Thyme another manger herb stands for bravery and strength of Christ.
  • Rosemary is for remembrance. The story associated with rosemary is that its flowers changed from white to blue in Mary’s honor.
  • Bedstraw, is considered a manager herb.
  • Pennyroyal, is supposed to have bloomed at midnight on Christmas Eve in  Christ’s honor.
  • Costmary, also known as Bible leaf and used as a bookmark the fragrance chases insects, was used by Mary Magdalene to make an ointment for the baby Jesus.
  • Tansy is associated with immortality.
Blossom Farm carries all the above plants, ready to ship to your door.
See more at
More sources for dried flowers:
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